Attributes of happy people – Day 5

Get active and find time for your mind to rest.

Originally posted in Autumn 2015.


Attributes of Happy People – Day 1

In late Autumn, I accepted a challenge to boost my online visibility, and I did that by taking posting on Periscope 5 days on the trot.

Day 1 was awful and when I originally posted this it made me cringe so I hid it and ended up not posting it.

By day 2 I was able to say that I felt like an imposter, I hadn’t forgotten how horrible it felt, but I had remembered that my feelings were  data, and that’s really great to learn from.

I am planning to post these in the same order that I recorded them.

So here’s day 1, me talking on Periscope, it was live on 29th September. By all means enjoy how clunky it is, but do listen to my message.

Day 1