Train journeys are good times to reflect

So I spend a lot of times on trains, and at the moment my journeys are focused around work, two days one night away from home in exchange for two days working at home. Sounds great, and it is. I love it and I love the people on my contract.

It’s a contract, it’s not the long term. I made a choice to go for something I really enjoy instead of the work life balance for a short term gain.

……. Whoa, pull up there buddy, what are you saying!

Well I guess I am saying that sometimes what I enjoy is the lack of balance. That fulfilling yourself one way compensates for not filling yourself another.

I imagine life a bit like those ice cube plastic bags, they fill up one by one and sometimes the water leaked and ice cubes are more like ice flakes. For me that’s not cool; you can’t even enjoy a basic cocktail if there is no substance to the ice.

Sometimes the plastic bags are all full, the plastic fits and the drinks are exactly as you expected

Then there is the time when a few cubes swell, the plastic stretches, it puckers at the edges and almost pops, it strangles the rest of the bag so cube cells dwindle and become unfulfilled.

I feel in that place, a few of my metaphorical cubes are full, a few are flat. It’s a bit disconcerting but I am leaning right into it, and because of that it’s comfy.

But in fact it’s the same amount of water is in the bag; it’s just distributed differently.

I think that’s OK.

I am observing that I don’t believe that life has to be full constantly.

That in fact, for me, a happy life is to know when you need to push the water around your metaphorical ice cube bag to fulfill what you need in the moment.

The skill is to know when to push for what you need.

Random train rambles over.

Sue x


Sue Schilling is a professional coach and a specialist consultant, she is an experienced financial services operations, operational risk & culture change leader with professional coaching cert.  Sue provides business consultancy, learning and development and coaching services to a wide range commercial, not-for-profit and public sector client organisations.