Leadership thoughts – 3 of 3

I was recently invited to be interviewed by an ex-colleague on leadership.  As part of their own development they were compiling a view from a person they respected as a leader.

In my last 2 posts I have talked about definitions of leadership and also the skills and attributes that a leader needs.  This is post 3 of 3, do read the other two to keep this one in context.

Q4: How do you measure your leadership effectiveness?  (for example, do you seek regular feedback from others?)

  • Get feedback about how you are doing from everyone (actually I think this is one of the skills to be added to the previous post too) – full 360 and encourage openness – learn to take criticism constructively. I have written another post on this; I do this by remembering that feedback is simply data that I use to choose how to act next, I don’t have to take all of it on board.  In fact I ditch a fair amount of feedback if it doesn’t add new information to my “self-aware data bank”.
  • Fact based business delivery; are you doing what you should be doing? Selling more, costing less, delivering change, whatever it is, this is the performance management bit that you are actually paid for.
  • Employee engagement – I recently read that people who are happy are c30% more productive that those who are actively disengaged.  So keeping teams engaged is a measure.
  • Stress levels – honestly look after yourself – if you are doing longer hours or not sleeping take some time to work out why; your leadership style may be the reason that you and other people are not effective.

I gained permission from my ex-colleague before publishing this summary of a longer conversation.  I welcome your views and ideas.


Sue Schilling is a professional coach and a specialist consultant, she is an experienced financial services operations, operational risk & culture change leader with professional coaching cert.  Sue provides business consultancy, learning and development and coaching services to a wide range of organisations.