Clever me

This week I am struggling to get focus.  I have completed one of 3 essays that I am writing for a Post Grad cert, and I SHOULD now move my attention to essay number 2.  Instead it’s been days and now I am here writing about not buckling down.  Hmm, why ?

The thing is that the last essay took longer than I thought, and I don’t have the stomach to do the same again right now.  So, I want to kick back a bit more, but I don’t have time for that.  In fact I am not working right now just to get these things done, so there are no excuses, and importantly no pay.

In no particular order here’s my self talking ideas for getting my mojo back

  1. Go out and run your socks off Sue – running always always helps.
  2. Enjoy the time Sue, you are allowed some down time – just like a holiday pick and end date and get back on it then.
  3. Which parts of the last essay did you enjoy?  Perhaps there will be some good stuff in the next one?
  4. Do it part time for a couple of weeks.
  5. Imagine how great you will feel once you have finished all 3 essays.
  6. Remember why you are doing this.
  7. Think of it as a hill, it’s an easy climb down once you get to half way – so make halfway your first goal.
  8. Tell your study buddy – she might have some good ideas. (Yes, I have a study buddy – she rocks!).
  9. Put lots of notes of small things you like in a jar, then set small goals and each time you meet a mini goal grab one of the notes to do.

As I am writing this I remembered I have already set myself one reason to carry on, and it was super coachy. Clever me!

I want to extend my  work so that I help young people understand their values and what makes the tick before they make huge life decisions like their course or career direction.

I have an opportunity to meet a head teacher at a local school, and I have already said that I must finish 2 essays before I see the teacher.   That way I will have broken that back of the essays, and I won’t get distracted in planning for the conversations and outcomes I want.

Yes clever blogging me, it turns out writing down your thoughts can also sort your head out and light a match under an idea.

I love people, so I am a professional coach and a specialist consultant, I am an experienced financial services operations, operational risk & culture change leader with professional coaching cert. That’s a posh way to say that I’m good at the people stuff at work and so I help other people get good at it too.  I am learning new things every day and that makes me super cool too!


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