About me

I am really well known for smiling a lot!  I work hard to be happy, which sounds like an oxymoron, but I have found that balancing commitments, earning money, being kind and being happy requires intellectual thought and planning…. which can feel a bit like work, right?

At home I am married, I moved from the big city to the countryside a few years ago so I have fulfilled a life-long goal to become a muddy-booted crazy dog-lady.  I am a new-ish runner and can be found in the last few finishers at races all over the North-West, often in fancy dress.  I love good wine but think the best parties are held in your local micro brewery with a plate of fish and chips.  I’m startlingly and brilliantly normal.

My work experience includes over 25 years working in the corporate environment in leadership roles in London, New York and Manchester. I have been a sales person, an operations process manager, in strategic change, in employee engagement, in project management and in leadership.  I have also formally trained to be a professional business and personal coach and have set up my own business. (Oh and since I am showing off, I also have level 1 British Sign Language, a L3 BTEC in training and education and I am studying for a PGCE in business and personal coaching).

Sounds great? Well, I am 100% human so in the real world I know it’s not always easy. I know what it’s like to feel stressed and burnt out, to make hard life choices, to have lost your purpose and to be stuck in indecision.  I have cried in private whilst putting on a strong face in front of the world, and I have won business all the time losing pieces of myself to the ether. It’s hard.

This is why I know that being me works, it works best in work and at home.  Being me can be complicated, the things that feel right to me can look wrong to others, so being me means knowing who I am and what I need.

If you want more, if you are not clear what “being me” means to you or your company give me a shout.



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